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Our chosen charity is Promise for Shelter Dogs, supporting their excellent work helping and rehoming abused and abandoned dogs in Romania.

We are sponsoring Bubu the beautiful dog below to live in a privately run shelter where he can get food, water and warmth.  He has already been dumped twice in his short life and is now looking for an active forever home.

Sunshine Scrapbooking Charity DogHe is known as one of the 70 no-one dogs, the forgotten ones that nobody cares about.  Please read more about these dogs here, we really hope he will soon be one of the lucky ones to find a forever home.

In Romania dogs are caught from the streets by dog catchers by whatever means, usually choke pole. They are then taken a public shelter where they have 14 days to be claimed before they are brutally killed. Hence the name of 'kill shelter'.

Since Promise started they have ensured that not one dog has been killed.  Dogs have been adopted and are now in happy, safe homes across Europe and the UK.  However there are many hundreds still desperately in need of help.

If you see a dog that you can give a good home to the fees are roughly £250.00 which include full passport, vaccination, neutering and travel costs.

Charity Items for Sale

The following items can be purchased here and ALL of the proceeds will go towards the sponsorship of our dog, and any funds left over each month will be donated to help the other dogs in desperate situations.  

We will add more items in the coming months.  If you would like any more info please contact us via the contact page.  Thank you.